Hotel Star ratings are quite complex and differ internationally. A few European countries have a star rating system that is standardized making it easier for guests to understand rating across country borders. However, no such standardization exists between countries like the United Kingdom, India, and the United States. All-star rating systems require detailed inspections in order to determine an appropriate star rating for the hotel or accommodation. There are a number of factors that can affect a hotel’s rating.


One Star Rating:

A one-star rating meets the bare minimum basic accommodation needs of a guest. The appearance is normally very basic and maybe a little scruffy. There are typically no services available to guests such as ironing, or free wifi. One star accommodation may not meet standards of cleanliness. Hostels often get a one-star rating as they offer shared accommodation and bathrooms that may only just meet minimum standards to maintain affordability.

Two Star Rating :

A two-star rating also meets basic accommodation needs of a guest but does offer more comfort and a better appearance. Standards of cleanliness are high and there is an emphasis on value. Whilst a two-star hotel might offer no additional services but the standard of the hotel’s appearance and amenities is higher. The two-star rating is often given to hotels that specialise in clean, basic and affordable accommodation that doesn’t offer any extra features.

Three Star Rating:

A three-star rating means that a hotel goes beyond the basic standards of the two-star rating by providing additional services or higher quality amenities. In order to achieve this rating, a hotel must go beyond the basic requirements of a guest to create a more comfortable and convenient experience. Three-star hotels are often popular with families who are looking for something affordable, clean and convenient. There is often parking or wifi included but not much else.

Four Star Rating:

A four-star rating means that the hotel has surpassed the three-star rating by providing superior amenities that could be defined as deluxe. Guest services must be of a high quality such as 24-hour room service and valet parking. Four-star hotels include a lot of additional perks in their accommodation packages and strive to deliver a high-quality accommodation experience.

Five Star Rating:

Whilst a five-star rating comes with many extra requirements such as flowers or gifts, spas and five-star dining, these greatly vary depending on which countries rating system you are using. Generally speaking, a five-star hotel delivers a luxury accommodation experience that greatly surpasses the four-star experience. Staff at five-star hotels are required to be highly trained and the services offered to the guests may also be included in the cost of their hotel accommodation. All sorts of amenities such as gyms, pools and office workspaces are offered in a luxurious setting, where the guests’ comfort is paramount.

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