One of the highlights of any overseas trip is tasting the local cuisine. Great food can really enhance your experience of another culture as the food of a region is so inextricably tied in with cultural identity. Certain countries are particularly famous for their delicious and unique food.



It may seem a little cliche but Italian cuisine is simply some of the best on the planet. Just because you have tried the pizza shop down the road or made pasta in your home does not mean that you have had the Italian food experience. Authentic Italian food is a world away from microwaved lasagne and features antipasto and other Mediterranean delights


Rich sauces, breads, and pastries dominate French cuisine, providing a satisfying and indulgent experience. Ordering a cheese platter or indulging in artfully prepared Steak-frites will allow you to sample a variety of different tastes. Game meats such as rabbit and duck are also popular in French cuisine.


Japan has a unique cuisine that features many predominantly rice dishes that are so carefully prepared they are almost works of art. Noodles, seafood, and tofu are also very popular in Japan with many restaurants specializing in Udon, Sashimi, Ramen and tofu-based dishes. Sushi and sashimi are probably best known internationally but there is much more to Japanese food.


Tagine cooked foods use a conical lid and flat base to slow cook foods, giving Morrocan food a delightfully unique flavor and texture. Couscous is also a staple part of Morrocan cuisine with spices, vegetables and meat used to season the delicate wheat pasta granules. Bread and soup called B’sarra is a tasty breakfast that is unique to North Africa.


Turkish cuisine offers as many delicious sweet foods as savory. Turkey has some truly delicious and unique food, with meatball like Kofte and rolled pastry Börek. Turkish food sometimes features delicate pastry sheets such as in the famous and delicious sweet baklava, whereas dense baked breads such as pide are also incredibly popular.


Delicious coconut curries and sweet rices are a huge component of Thai cuisine. Mango, chicken, rice, and fish are all prominent flavors of Thai dishes, with sweet fruit often used to make unique meat dishes and steamed fish seasoned with chili and lime being popular throughout the country. Pork is also a common and popular meat in Thailand.


With its unique blend of spiced meat and corn-based items, Mexican food uses vegetables and legumes to add color and flare to an impressive array of different restaurant and street foods. Spicey or intense flavors are common features of Mexican dishes, tempered by rice, cheese, and potato. Chicken and beef are particularly popular in Mexico with ground beef being used in a variety of common dishes.


Greek cuisine utilizes oils, meat, garlic, and yogurt to create many of its most popular dishes. Eggplant based dishes such as Mousaka use meat, cheese, and layers of eggplant to create a delicious and unique eating experience. Tzatziki is a creamy cucumber yogurt dip that is a great accompaniment to a wide variety of delicious Greek foods.

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